gabrielle weber
While other children played Nintendo or team sports, she often ended up drawing, dancing, or painting. Curious about how shapes, textures, and colors were so intricately created and formed, Gabrielle Weber has always known she would be an artist.

By the time she reached her teenage years, art had become second nature to her. Her experiences, education, and experimentation with various art forms had been absorbed both into her daily life and personal style. She loved many art forms, but none above all else, winning various art awards, in all mediums, on local, state, and national levels.

Perhaps it was her lifelong love of shapes and colors, or her passion for the interaction of shadows and light. It could have been a desire to have her passions interact. Maybe it was just good timing. Regardless, Gabrielle became a photographer in high school, falling in love with taking pictures during a summer experience at the Rhode Island School of Design. That summer in Providence, the Virginia native picked up a camera in a photo class, and has not put it down since.

After graduating from high school in Virginia, Gabrielle’s fine academic performance earned her admission into the University of Pennsylvania. During her four years in Philadelphia, she majored in Theater Arts and Fine Arts, with a photography concentration. The knowledge gained from her collegiate education has once again allowed her a greater understanding of how to combine and embrace several mediums. This is evident in her senior honors thesis, entitled, “The Interrelationship between Photography and Theater.”

After graduating from UPenn, it was off to Manhattan, where Gabrielle attended New York University, earning a master’s degree in studio art, with a photography concentration.

After graduate school, Gabrielle has remained in Manhattan, where she spent several years working for well-known corporations. From her time in the corporate world, she has gained a good knowledge of basic business practices, and built upon her strong ethical foundation.

Returning full time to the career she loves, she now works as a freelance photographer in New York City.

Gabrielle specializes in portraits, various products and jewelry. Her clients include musicians, models, artists. She is also interested in anyone looking to have his or her personality illustrated though thoughtful and artistic photos, with a personal touch involved.

If you are interested in speaking with Gabrielle, regarding any type of project, please call or email for more information.